4K Video Production

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Broadcast Quality Productions

Offering complete end-to-end solutions from script-writing and concept development to final delivery. Using the latest in industry-standard equipment ensures the best results possible for all of your content needs.


Concept Development


Need An Idea?

Need help starting from the drawing board.  I can help!


Script Writing


Story Comes First

Have you had an idea for a film or commercial but you just didn’t know how to put it all together? That’s where I come in, with the ability to help you take that idea and put it to paper. Guiding you from inception of an idea to a production ready blueprint, or even helping you polish that unfinished script.


Video Editingmaxresdefault

A Cut Above

The editor crafts the story into a cohesive piece that tells your story.  I am well-versed in the latest hardware and software platforms used to create cutting-edge imagery.

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The Unseen Other Half
Audio is often the most overlooked aspect in film making, but is widely considered roughly half the experience of the finished product. Our experienced audio technicians pride themselves in delivering a clear, dynamic and rich audio experience.

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Design is art grown from function

Golden Peak Studios is committed to remaining on trend to produce professionally designed that will make your content stand out from the crowd.



Live Event Coverage


Promote and Share Your Events With a Wider Audience

We put you there with full-length coverage and live video streaming from multiple camera angles along with our top of the line post production team.



Time-lapse and Still Photography

A unique way to utilize motion, lighting, and framing to capture a time-lapse that will draw the viewer in and make their jaw drop.
I will work with you to develop a clear vision for your project’s essential visuals. Compelling imagery is at the heart of creating promotional & marketing materials that really stand out.




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Some ideas are just too abstract to capture on camera

With animation in it’s arsenal, Golden Peak Studios is able to enhance brand, manipulate environments, and describe the abstract.




Narrative and Documentary

We are storytellers first and foremost

That’s why whether it’s Documentary work or Narrative, I want to bring your story to life. I have the experience and tools to help guide your project from pre-production to finished product.